The Grove Music Group and Recovery Pride CD 2015

Recovery Pride CD

Over the summer of this year, Studio 146 recorded a CD for the grove music group. The basis of the CD was to  record a wide variety of music genres by members of the music group at the Grove. The Grove music team wanted to  show the benefits music can have to people in Haringey whilst being pooling various creative talents to see what can de done. The music team drew on the group’s experience of recovery, emphasising hope, to show there is a life after addiction. We want that message heard in a way that reflects Haringey and the people using our services.

Part of the music team basis and benefit was a strong social aspect, in that it increased the self esteem of the group, and helped everyone develop social skills. It’s a great way to channel energy out of the group’s usual routine into creativity. The group  learnt new skills, including all aspects of music production, performance and event co-ordination. The group were able to skill share and develop networking opportunity for the group. The group benefited greatly by are  learning and sharing new musical skills, dynamics and discipline. Finally, the group enable the sharing of cultural differences and bridging diversity is a great way to connect with other musicians.

The CD production enabled the music group to  work with other bands which was truly inspirational. It has enabled group to branch out and connect with other musicians – playing a more diverse range of venues from Samba to Punk., Rap and poetry.

The music group would like to expand on this project with an  established choir by Christmas.  Talking about recovery, this group is powerful. Members of the group noted that the project provide diversion as well as  enjoyable activity which helped with their recovery.

Click play on the Soundcloud links below to hear a preview of what was recorded for the project: