Rehearsal space

Rehearsal Space shot

Studio 146 has a suitably sized live room used for recording in studio operation hours. Outside of this time, the space is available to hire for musicians and bands at a very affordable price (Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday only). Advantages for rehearsing in Studio 146 include:


  • Great location and easy to get to.
  • Reduced prices for bulk bookings.
  • All money raised through booking goes to running the studio for St Mungo’s clients.
The studio has space for up to five musicians (3m x 5.2m) and includes a full drum kit (kick, snare, rack toms, floor tom, ride, crash, hi hat), Ampeg bass amp, Digital piano, PA speaker with 2 microphones, a Fender guitar amp and a Marshall guitar amp.


Prices to hire this space start at £10 per hour for the first four hours, and any hour booked after this time will be reduced to £8.


Please contact if you have any questions regarding booking the rehearsal space.


Please take note of our User Agreement, as all users will have to agree to them while using the studio. You can download the form by clicking on the link provided.


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