John Willoughby’s story (Testimonial)


In a bid to give the public a better idea of what we do here at Studio 146, we will be posting testimonials from some of the people who use the studio and it’s services on a regular basis. This first one comes from John Willoughby, who has been coming to sessions at the studio for a year now. I have worked on multiple projects with John since he has been coming here, Including The Mare Street Collective Project and The Grove Music groups Recovery Pride CD. Here is what John had to say about the studio.

“I heard about the studio from getting involved in a music group at two services in my local area. Both services have connections with St Mungo’s.

I have been using the studio for about one year. I have worked on music for sometime and realised that it needed some professional engineering, as this is not really my field. I have recorded and helped with the mixing process of my music.

I have gained some very useful knowledge in sound recording since I have been coming to the studio. I always look forward to my sessions, as I always leave the studio happy with the results. I have learned some very useful tips in mixing, music software and sound production. I find the engineer friendly and very knowledgeable about all aspects of recording. This is very encouraging for me to engage in further study within music production and my quest for getting the most out of my own music.”

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