Behind The Door (music)

Behind The Door is a collection of songs (rather then an album) written by our regular client, Paul Hussey. The tracks were recorded over a 10 year period; they are all quite musically different and lyrically go from profoundly deep to quite humorous and have varying degrees of production but they are all recorded from his cell when he spent time in prison. Myself and Paul have been digitally mastering this collection of music over the past few months, and the tracks are finally being released after all of this time. He never thought that the tracks would see the light of day so they are made purely for joy of making music. Having access to studio 146 at Mare Street has allowed Paul Hussey to finally put this music and their stories out there, if anyone is interested!

You can buy ‘Behind The Door’ from Paul Hussey’s Bandcamp page, below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.29.15

Also, follow Paul Hussey on Soundcloud and Twitter: