About us

Studio 146 is a high quality music studio which operates within St Mungo’s on Mare Street, Hackney. Our service offers free studio time for residents of the charity and clients associated with other homelessness organisations in Hackney. We provide weekly sessions for our clients in music production tuition, support with developing them as artists and recording time to help clients develop their skills and self esteem through music. We believe that music can provide the foundations for a more stable housing situation and clients can use the skills they acquire through music in other aspects of their lives.

St Mungo’s provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night who are either homeless or at risk, and works to prevent homelessness, helping about 25,000 people a year.

The studio is currently offering out the rehearsal space to clients outside of St Mungo’s and other homlessness organisations, at a nominal price to help fund studio time for our current client base.

Make a small one off donation to support what we do.

Equipment list:

  • Apple Mac
  • Logic Pro 9
  • Dynaudio Monitor Speakers
  • Native Instruments: Maschine 2.0
  • Soundcraft GB2 mixer
  • Focusrite Octopre Preamp
  • Apogee Ensemble Audio Interface
  • 2 x Pro VLA 2 Hardware compressors
  • JSH RM 2×5 Rack module (Guitar distortion unit)
  • 2 x AKG 451 B microphones
  • 2 x Audio Technica AT4033 microphones
  • 2 x SM 57 microphones
  • 2 x SM 58 microphones
  • SE Z5600a 2 Vocal mic
  • Audix Full drum kit microphones
  • Fender Champion 30 amp
  • Ampeg BA 112 Bass Amp
  • Casio Privia PX-110 Digital Piano